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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Shopping guide section added 

You can now get information on buying TI calculators, accessories and even some books related with TI calculators and get to see the latest prices (source: and TI online store) from the Shopping Guide page.

Keep Useful Programs alive by shopping from using the links and search boxes on the Shopping Guide page and on the other pages. (You can purchase anything, not just calculator stuff.)
You don't need to pay anything extra, consider Useful Programs as a passageway to

New layout implemented 

Useful Programs changed completely. The whole site has a new layout, which is much better than the old one. With the implementation of the new layout, the important part of the redesign is complete. However, you will still see some minor changes in colors and fonts.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Useful Programs is back with a new design 

It's been a while since the last update and now, Useful Programs is undergoing a complete update. The main page is redesigned and soon you will see changes on the other pages of the site as well.

The previous board of Useful Programs, is not working and I'm planning to install a new board for the site. Wait and see.

Upload form is still disabled. I have problems with calc linking and until those are resolved, adding new programs to the site doesn't seem probable.

Anyway, welcome back to Useful Programs!

Browser compatibility: Whole site works fine with Internet Explorer 5, 6 and Netscape 7. The main page works fine with Opera 6, but Opera 7 moves the links at the bottom of the page. For the rest of the site, Opera 7 works fine, but Opera 6 wraps the left navigation bar. Besides these glitches, the site is "surfable" by Opera.

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